Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nicole & Matt - Engagement Session

Her cousin just knew they were right for each other.  Matt was a friend of her cousin's husband.  One weekend in the spring of 2005, after being invited over Nicole visited her cousin and met Matt.  Nicole's cousin was right.  They were PERFECT for each other.  Now the next chapter in their story begins...

They both love hanging out at the beach.  So we shot their engagement session at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, CT. 
Details, details, details.

As we were getting ready to head over to the beach area I spotted this little patch of daisies growing randomly across from one of the parking lots.  I did a little Val happy dance and pointed over where I wanted them to go.  Nicole decided to change outfits first so while she went to the car to change, Matt picked some daisies to surprise her with.  It was so sweet to witness the love between them.  Be sure to catch the slideshow at the end of this blog entry to see the expression on her face.

This is my favorite shot of the day.

Can't wait for the wedding!  Enjoy the slideshow. :-)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Jordana & Tyson

Though the forecast predicted all day stormy weather the day started out bright and sunny as can be.  Jordana and Tyson's wedding was beautiful.  The itinerary was a photographer's dream.  Jordana and Tyson opted for a first look prior to their ceremony at the site of the reception. This reception site was gorgeous it is a beautiful home/bed and breakfast of a family friend.  The views were astounding.  Jordana and Tyson allotted plenty of time prior to the ceremony for their first look and shots of the bridal party and after the ceremony for romantics.  Be sure to watch the slide show to see just a glimpse of how beautiful this wedding was.  

Jordan and Tyson had just returned from Honduras a month before the wedding.  They brought this gourd back with them.  It's pretty cool looking something special to capture their rings with.
Yeah imagine the excitement when I saw that she was wearing green shoes :-)  Yeah Val McCormick is going to have fun with that one!

Jordana taking one last look before heading out to see Tyson.

Jordana's sister and maid of honor helping her down the stairs.  I love this!
Tyson's anxious hands as he waits to lay eyes on his bride.

To see more of there first look, click play on the slide show to see how it all pans out ;-)

Bouquet, ring and shoe :-)
Ready to walk down the aisle with her father.
"The Kiss"
Now time for "Romantics"
It started to rain here but I didn't care.  I saw these doors and had this shot in my head.  It had to happen.  I love the texture here.  I thought it would really help Jordana "pop" in front of this door that seemed to have a vignette.  I placed Tyson in front of the manly dark door, lol.  I love the result!
It really started to come down and the super talented Nikki Nicole noticed this corridor that we could shoot under until the rain slowed down.  
This location was gorgeous and one can really shoot all day there.  I found this cool niche near the corridor and borrowed Jordana's bouquet for a unique bouquet shot.

I caught this during the introductions right before their first dance.  There were so many images I wanted to post but it would never load for you reading this fast enough so you can catch the rest of the highlights in the slide show :-)
A super huge thank you to a great team shooter and friend Nikki Nicole.  Be sure to check her blog out for her take on things.  Also to the very special and handsome Jack McCormick for helping us out by assisting and shooting as well.  Team Work :-)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Erica & Brad - Married

Erica such a beautiful bride with a beautiful smile! David Apuzzo of David Apuzzo photography contacted me asking if I can help him out with this one. Second shooting is so fun. I love shooting all the details of the day. Erica chose such great colors, purple and mint green. Such an awesome combination! Here are some highlights from my perspective of the day :-)

I started out in the balcony for a birds eye perspective.

I love watching the expressions of the parents of the bride and grooms as they say their vows to one another. Here the bride's mother looked over at her husband when their daughter said "I Do" I bet it brought her back to the day she married; they still seem very much in love :-)
She has such a gorgeous smile! I caught this moment during the receiving line.

Just look at the great smile the mother of the bride is sporting. Must be where Erica gets it from.

Details. Her dress was beautiful!

Details, details, details. I love the great color combinations Erica chose. Such beautiful flowers!

Working with David was great in that he allowed me to guide Erica during her bridal shots. I love when I see so many great shots in my head that I can bring out through my lens. Thanks, David :-)

Since we were short on time and we were both shooting away with her in the balcony I ran inside for a different point of view.

Gorgeous, I could of photographed her all day!

I love capturing emotions during the first dance.

Thanks David for having me help out on this and Thank - You Erica and Brad the best of luck to you both.