Monday, July 27, 2009

CT PHODcast my interview on itunes

Val McCormick on itunes
My interview with Robert Norman's CT Phodcast
Click HERE to listen as I talk about My Hometown of Cows, past jobs and me speak spanish :-)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ms. "T" Connecticut Boudoir Session

Little Ms. Hot Thang!  Boudoir sessions are becoming increasingly popular.  So popular that Val McCormick Photography now offers special rates on "B" Sessions to all current clients.  What a great gift for the groom to be ;-)  With Ms. "T"'s (No her name is not Misty, lol) permission here are just a few images from a set to share with everyone before her wardrobe change.  Sorry folks as beautiful and hot as the other images are they are for "HIS EYES ONLY"  :-)  If you are interested in a boudoir session  with Val please contact us ASAP as we are currently very limited on session availability. (203) 589-7099 or

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Krystyna & Kenny - Married

She was absolutely glowing with excitement.  As her friends and family surrounded her; her excitement brewed within her as ceremony time grew closer and closer.  She slipped into her beautiful Pronovias wedding gown.  Her radiance pervaded the sun lit room.  She gracefully made her way to the limousine waiting to escort her on her new excursion of life.

Krystyna is a Huge Elvis fan.  I had to implement Elvis during details.

One last look at her make-up by Erin of Naomi's Studio &  Salon and Hair by Keri Anne Shea


Kenny was overwhelmed with emotion.  I love how his sister wiped a tear away and he is being handed a tissue. 
The church was gorgeous!
Their first kiss as husband and wife.

Something about this shot.  One of my top favorites for this year for sure!  Side note: I would have been totally doing the happy dance but we were pressed for time.

First Dance.
If time allows during the reception I will create a slideshow with images from the wedding day.  Here is Krystyna's reaction during the slideshow.  Priceless :-)
Be sure to check out the slideshow to watch Krystyna and Kenny's story unfold. Thank you for having me capture your special day.  Huge shout out to the fabulous Nikki Nicole for teaming up with me and doing an incredible job as always!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Myra and Corey - Engaged - West Haven Beach

With wedding season here I have really fallen behind with blog post.  So this blog is being ram sacked with post over the next few days.  Starting off with Myra and Corey's E-Session, coming up Amber and Chris's E-Session, Krystyna and Kenny's wedding, Erica and Frank's wedding, Shannon and Tim's wedding, Gillian and Mike's wedding, Jenny and Alan's wedding, and Taylor and Matt's wedding. Stay tuned!

Myra and Corey are tying the knot real soon!  I have been looking forward to this wedding since I have known Myra three years now.  Her daughter and my son were attending the same school and we would visit when dropping or picking our children up.

I was so excited in Myra contacted me.  She told me up front she didn't want to look for anyone else she knew she wanted me to be their photographer.  What an honor it is!  Myra and Corey's engagement session was fun since we included her daughter and their son in the session.  Why not?  The family is getting married :-)

With a smiles like that I would say this was a great start to a wonderful session!

A few of Myra and Corey alone.

Had to share this out-take!
Love this!  Corey just looked up and said, "Can I dip her!"  Of course!
Watch the slide show to view the rest of the images from their session.  Incidental Corey is a videographer for Precision Line Media.  He provided the music for the slide show and documents special events as well.  So nice to work with clientele in the same industry.  Thanks Myra and Corey, I am looking forward to your wedding!