Friday, September 25, 2009

Jason and Jennifer - Engagement Session - Lyman Orchard, CT

They had the same group of friends for years but in May 2008 that all changed.  Jennifer and Jason both attended a BBQ where they started to talk.  Eventually they began e-mailing each other, calling each other and dating.  The rest is history. 

Jennifer and Jason were so much fun to shoot at Lyman Orchards.   Since Jennifer is a huge fan of Sunflowers we started off there! 

(Side note: Doesn't beautiful Jennifer remind you of Alexis Bledel?) 

When we first walked in I almost immediately noticed this sunflower that resembled a heart.  I thought it was perfect for Jennifer's ring.  There were a gazillion bees buzzing around and I'm surprise I didn't pass out from the many times I panicked.  
Stunning, stunning, stunning!

I love shooting hands; they are so personal and really tell a story.

This random cat totally showed up during the shoot.  So what does Val do?  Go with it :-)
I had so much fun.  I am really looking forward to the wedding.  Be sure to check out the slide show where Jason shows his cool Frisbee Golf trick, lol.  

Monday, September 21, 2009

Taught To Hate

I encourage everyone to check this film out.  A past bride turned friend told me about it.  It looks really good.  Oh and Justin her brother is casted in this film.  :-)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jennifer & Robert- Engagement Session- Amherst, MA

Jennifer and Robert are such a sweet couple.  After reading their Get to know you, I thought it would be so cool to shoot their e-session at the very place that started their "Once upon a time"  I was elated when Jennifer e-mailed me and asked if we could shoot it their as well.  PERFECT!  It was a misty day when we arrived.  Showers were coming but that was stopping us. 

Love the texture of this door and for good measure, I layered in some more texture ;-P
Now this door is a VERY SPECIAL door.  This is the door that takes you into North Hall.  This is where they met as they were both assigned dorm rooms in this building.  So in a nutshell; this was THEIR building.  This is where it all began ;-)
Across from their building I spotted this cool red hot fire hydrant.  What a beautiful contrast to the blue!

In this questionnaire I give to my couples to fill so I can get to know them a little better.  They mentioned how they love scrabble.  So I made sure to tell them to bring their scrabble game along with them.  Their names worked out awesomely!  Check out their ring shot!
So by the end of out session the misty drops became heavier and thicker.  I asked if they knew of any tunnels or walkthoughs that we could take cover in.  Rob remembered this tunnel in one of the bike trails.  So cool and white.  I love the shots we got in here. 
Thanks for showing me around the campus Jen & Rob.  I can't wait for you wedding.  The paella sounds delicious!

My Heart is Smiling :-)

Sometimes we have bad days.  I try not to.  I always try to see the glass half full vs. half empty.  I love to feel happy.  Who doesn't?  Yesterday I had one of those days where not matter how I try to look at things I felt so unappreciated.  I guess I will be the first to admit; I am human.  I have feelings that get hurt.   What is awesome is that I was so frustrated I had to let it off of my chest. The responses brought tears to my eyes.  The tears that make you smile; you know that kind of smile you feel all over.  The kind of smile that makes you feel like your heart is smiling along with you.  That happy feeling in your chest.  I love that feeling.  Who wouldn't?  So I just want to let everyone that responded with happy I appreciate you comments that I appreciate you so much too!  Thanks for being an awesome friend!  Now here is one of my cheer up messages I received.  I sound like a broken record but "I HAVE THE MOST AWESOME BRIDES"  I am SO LUCKY!  Thanks Jennifer for the awesome cheer-up, you really went the extra mile.   Take a look, this cracked me up. 

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Calling All Brides!

So as I was trying to catch up on some blog reading.  I visited the blog of the very talented Event Planner, Candice of Jubilee Events.  She blogged about this Awesome opportunity for NY/NJ and CT area brides.  What a great concept!

Calling all BRIDES getting married in October, November or December of 2009 in the NY/NJ and Connecticut areas… 
We’re looking for “brides to be” to be featured on a new series that will premiere at the end of the year on a major cable network.

The premise? What if you had the chance to compare notes with OTHER brides before, during, and after your big day? On the show, you’ll be introduced to other brides that are getting married around the same time as you. You’ll be able to plan, compare notes, and work together towards your weddings. Then, you’ll be able to attend the wedding as a guest to see how it all comes together!

Sounds catchy… for more details call: 212-505-7775 or email:

Make us proud!!

Matt & Taylor - Married - St. Clements Castle

I hope no one goes into cardiac arrest at the amazement that I am blogging again. This wedding season has totally snuck up on me but I am so excited to share so many shoots and weddings with you. Starting with Matt and Taylor's wedding. It was a gorgeous day with a gorgeous couple and wedding. Taylor is an amazing person. So enthusiastic about life. She had me in tears as most of my brides do. Take a look at her beautiful wedding with a few images.

Here is beautiful Taylor as her mother helps her with her jewelry.
Pretty details.  The lace under the satin ribbon on Taylor's dress was from her grandmother's wedding dress, so awesome!

Announced husband and wife.

I couldn't ask for more beautiful light.
What to do when the groomsmen are being silly.  Go with it!  Capture it!  True personality!
The girls showed their personalities too!
Matt and Taylor had a beautiful dance routine.

Father/daughter dance.
Matt was a Marine and most of his guest were his marine buddies.  They ended the night with serenading Taylor.  "You've lost that love and feeling......whoa, that love and feeling....You've lost that love and it's gone, gone, gone...whoa, whoa, whoa.  Badum, badum"  Sorry if it gets stuck in your head because I know it's stuck in mine now.
Enjoy the slideshow.  Thanks to Nikki Nicole for team shooting this with me!