Friday, November 14, 2008

Melissa & Marty - Married - Lighthouse Point, New Haven, CT

When Jay Fleming of Fleming Portrait Design contacted me on helping him out with a family member's wedding at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven I was more than honored.  It's difficult when your a guest and a photographer to enjoy yourself as the guest so to help ease the tension Laura Landau and I pitched in.  

Melissa and Marty are such a great couple.  Marty should have actually been named Jack because he is literally a "Jack of all trades"  He and Melissa coordinated the wedding themselves!  What a beautiful job they did. 

Being that there were two other photographers besides myself; gave me the flexible to play with my settings during the ceremony and spot meter for different areas to get such different outcomes with my images.  The sun was setting, the sky was gorgeous and there was so much love in the air.  Really there was........:-)  Enjoy

I love the sunset and love...what a great combination!!!

Check out the gorgeous details!!!!

What a beautiful moment!

As alway I had a difficult time choosing my favorite ring shot.  I would love to see who can figure where all these ring shots were taken.  Show me some blog love with an answer and I will announce and send out a prize to a lucky winner :-)

Thanks Jay for thinking of me to help you out with this :-)  Thanks Marty and Melissa and congratulations!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jennie & Carl - Married

I had an awesome opportunity to team shoot with the talented Eric Foley at Harkness Mansion.  The grounds there are absolutely incredible and you literally can shoot ALL DAY LONG!  Luckily I will have that opportunity soon so stay tuned for that......I love team shooting!  Having two perspectives from two photographers that have a passion for photography will make for variety of images.   

If you have been following my work then you will know I am all over DETAIL shots!  

I love this wrought iron gate that lead into the gardens.

Isn't Jennie GORGEOUS?!!!

Her flowers were beautiful too.

I had a hard time choosing a favorite ring shot so I posted my top three choices ;-)

Hands are so personal and I feel they really tell a story.  One day her entire hand grasped only the tip of his finger.

Oh, yeah... I hid behind my camera.  I always get choked up during the parent dances.

What a beautiful moment.

So as we sat down to eat dinner, I looked over and saw the gorgeous sky.  I grabbed my camera to take some scenic shots.  As I was shooting; one of Jennie's bridesmaids walked up behind me.  I kindly asked if she would like her picture taken.  I then ran...not walk, not jog.....but ran back to show Eric (time is limited with a sky like that!).  We then grabbed the bride and groom and well, check out Eric's blog to see that amazing shot.