Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jordana and Tyson - Engaged

Three and half years ago Jordana and Tyson met at orientation for Medical School. Tyson gave Jordana a piggy back ride off of a dinner cruise boat because her feet hurt. He also by chance lived directly below Jordana. Tyson and his roommates thought they would woo the girls by cooking breakfast. They have been inseparable ever since....They love to do everything together including going to park, the beach, studying and even doing laundry and shopping. What better way to document their love. Of course I suggested a laundry mat and grocery store too; why not ;-)

Jordana indicated that she loves red brick and wanted some shots during their engagement session incorporating just that.  

Would you look at those boots; Come On!  I had to rock them!

Then it was off to the do some laundry; well, sort of.

Since Jordana and Tyson tie the knot on May 24, 2009; we totally took over machine #24!

This machine only took quarters ;-)
After running out of quarters and personal space (Everyone does their laundry on Sundays!); we headed over to the market.  Tyson is from Washington and their wedding theme is Washington Apples!!!  So of course me being Val McCormick headed straight for the produce section.
Look at Miss Jordana all working that attitude.  Tyson didn't even flinch.  (O.k so he dropped a few apples but it's all good; he bought them) ;-)
Do you think these will last until their wedding day?
After making some unexpected purchases we headed over to beach.  The light was beautiful whenever it peaked through the clouds that is.  Mother nature was challenging me and my settings that's for sure!

It was cold, we were tired but before leaving we got this last shot.  Tyson wanted a shot with the trees and this is what I got for them.  What a great way to end their session!!!
Thanks Jordana and Tyson; I had SO MUCH FUN!!!!  The wedding is going to be incredible!  Enjoy your slideshow.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Beautiful Baby Olivia

Before formal introductions to Olivia.  I've noticed that I receive quite a bit of visitors and I often wonder who visits my blog.  So if you would be so kind to say "Hi" I would love to hear from you.  Also tell me what is your favorite shot from this post along with your introduction; I will be drawing a WINNER at random from the commenters leaving a comment on this post no later than Friday, March 27, 2009.  Winner will be announced on Saturday March 28, 2009 .  I will be giving away cool prizes so you don't want to miss out on this ;-)  So now on with the guest of honor of this blog post....Olivia.

Meet beautiful Olivia who was introduced to life in Connecticut on February 19, 2009.  I absolutely LOVE newborns. Since I have all boys, I get all giddy around baby girls. To tell you the truth it kind of gives me the bug to be around newborn girls but then I remind myself it's 50/50 ;-) four weeks old she was all about working the camera.

Actually it really looks like I posed her that way but she just happened to pull her arm up.  Baby's are so advanced these days. 
Tip for photographers or mommy's wanting a shot like this.  Use a surface that can be warmed up.  I held the charger up to a portable heater to warm up the surface.  Baby's HATE anything cold.  Unless my client owns a portable heater; I will bring my own.
I LOVE this shot!  The first thing Erica (Mommy)  and Frank (Daddy) bought for Olivia when Erica found out she was pregnant was a HUGE duck.  So the "Yellow Duck" became a meaningful character for Olivia.  This is actually a puppet that Frank placed next to Olivia.   As I was checking my camera settings and checking for exposure Olivia Yawned and this was the outcome.  
Sound asleep against Daddy's shoulder.

Newborn's flakes and creases.  Something a mother would never want to forget.
She is so PRECIOUS!!!

The love for daddy's little girl was SO apparent.  I love how Frank had different methods of calming Olivia and Erica's expression.
Another one of my favs!

Thanks for everything and introducing me to Baby Olivia.  Enjoy the show :-)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Claudia and Jeffrey - Engagement Session - New Haven Style

Meet Jeffrey and Claudia.  I absolutely adore these two!  Claudia is so genuine, kind and caring.  Jeffrey is so outgoing, fun and funny!   I love how they balance each other and the chemistry between them.  Let me just say it was pretty cold out but what they had going on warmed the area up around them.  How they met reminds me of characters from a true love story.  He's a doctor and she is a nurse.  They met at the medical center they work at five years ago. Ahhhhh, I love, love :-)   We started off the morning near the New Haven, CT.  On the way into New Haven Jeffrey spotted Mamoun's Falafel Restaurant.  In college he and is room mate would make a 40 minute commute just to eat there and order take it (during the same visit).  We shot a few frames and found our way back to the restaurant.  It was my first time there and I can see why he loved it so much!  

They are Jets fans and requested I incorporate that in their ring shot. 
It was so easy to capture the emotion between them.

I loved the texture of the stairs against their jeans and shoes.  I added a little more texture I shot while on our shoot.

She is so beautiful!
Finally arrived at Mamouns.  Thank you so much Claudia and Jeffery.  I had such a great time hanging out with you two and the food was delicious!

Enjoy the show :-)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Boudoir Session - Ms. "M"

Seems that I have been receiving more request lately for "Boudoir Sessions".   Boudoir shoots are sexy suggestive photo shoots that give you the opportunity to wear whatever you want.  Whether it be his favorite shirt or jersey and tie, playful lingerie or a beautiful corset.  The whole idea is to feel beautiful and create a special gift for him.  Custom designed albums from the sexy shoot always gets his full attention and makes a great gift especially on your wedding day.

Here are a few shots that I grabbed of sexy Ms. "M".  I met Ms. "M" through Ultra Cool Photographer David Apuzzo, be sure to check out his blog.  David has an art and photography studio in Hamden, CT that is worth checking out.  Ms. "M" is a friend of David's and a beautiful actress.  Since Boudoir is so popular these days David asked me to visit his studio and shoot with him.  It's always great to team up with other photographers.  You can learn so much from one another as everyone has their own style and approach to their work.   Thanks for having me David and thanks Ms. "M" for allowing me to share these with everyone.  

Monday, March 16, 2009

Stephanie and Nate - Married - Harrington Farm, Princeton, MA

Such an adorable couple, Stephanie and Nate.  Stephanie and Nate are high school sweethearts.  They met in English class and according to Stephanie would secretly stare at eachother from across the room.  How sweet is that?  :-)  Major props to the one and only Nikki Nicole of Nikki Nicole Photography who team shot this one with me.  

Getting prepared for her big day.

Nate was relaxed  and hanging out with the guys.  He has a tradition with is friends and family to share a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue on their wedding day.

When I saw the piano in the lobby I had to incorporate it into their formals.
Nikki loved the idea too and asked me if I've ever seen "Pretty Woman"  Awesome idea and love how Nate's shoes tie into this shot.
These guys were full of personality :-)

She has such a beautiful smile!

Used off camera back lighting for the beautiful rim light.  
Thank you Stephanie and Nate for having us.  Be sure to check out Nikki's take on things here.