Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mala & Will - Anthony's Ocean View - Wedding Day

Mala and Will had a beautiful sunny day for their ceremony at Anthony's Oceanview in New Haven, CT. The sun began to set at this beautiful venue as we started to photograph their formals on the beach. Check out my favorites from their special day! Don't forget to view the slideshow at the end of this post.

Thanks to Mala and Will for having me and to Autumn Thomes for teaming up and to with me and to Amanda for assisting on their special day.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Andrea and Richard - Engagement Session -

When he knocked on her door; their lives changed forever. Richard had a new job nearby and was looking for a rental. The unit above Andrea's was vacant. Dressed in black chaps & motorcycle wearing sunglasses and helmet in hand; Richard knocked on Andrea's door to ask about the unit above. Many questions later the he asked for her hand in marriage.

We revisited so many pieces of that first encounter. Be sure to check out the slideshow after a few of my favorites.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Amber and Chris Wedding Day

Another beautiful wedding. Amber and Chris were married at Amarante's in New Haven, CT. Check out my favorites from the down and don't forget to view their wedding day slideshow!

A big thanks to Nikki Nicole for teaming up with me to capture Amber and Chris's special day and to Amanda Nesto for assisting.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Marrisa and Michael Wedding Day

Marissa and Mike had such a beautiful sunny day to join their lives together on. Their ceremony was absolutely beautiful along with a beautiful reception at The Woodwinds in Branford, CT. Here are some highlights from the day. Be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of the post to see their wedding day story unfold.

My favorite image of the day/ the year for that matter! When I was capturing Marissa's entrance to the church, one of Marissa's and Mike's ring bearers peeked past the Holy Water Font as the bride walked up to the church.

I LOVE capturing emotion. I how her mascara is running with her tears during her first dance with her father.
Huge props to Mr. Eric Foley for lending his talent for the day as a team shooter and Amanda Nesto for assisting.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Official!!! Introducing Team Val McCormick!

As I type this blog post tears are streaming down my face overwhelmed by emotion. I am so grateful for all the positive things that has happened in my life. I started my business in CT taking a risk. First of all coming from out of state, there were so many established studios how would I ever get my name out? Last season was amazing. I meet so many amazing people; Incredible photographers turned friends, client turned friends, and friends and family of clients turned friends. Without them my business would not be where it is.

Business has been picking up and although last season I regretfully had to turn away a few weddings to insure quality service for current clients. I felt horrible receiving that email from that bride that had a terrible experience and heard of the great a experience a friend had with Val McCormick Photography asking if I would please make an exception to accept their wedding. How can I turn away a bride that has already envisioned herself a subject of my art?

I needed to make a change. Although many times I say "yes" wanting to please everyone I found myself working all hours day and night at the computer. As my children played joyfully, sounds of laughter and pitter patter throughout my home; my back was to them face lit by the glow of my computer screen. As guest would visit, the sound of laughter as my husband would tell a funny joke; my back was to them face lit by the glow of my computer screen. When the phone would ring and the answering machine picked up; the sound of my father's voice " Hi Valerie, I know you must be very busy with work. We haven't heard from you. Gives a call when you get a chance"; my back to the machine face lit by the glow of my computer screen. My home dark late at night, my family a floor above sleeping peacefully in their beds; I was a floor below, my face lit by the glow of my computer screen. All the while my face lit by the glow of my computer screen ; my heart was breaking. Breaking because in life as I know and often tell my brides; once a day has been lived you can't get that day back.

I once read somewhere how when it snows one snowflake doesn’t fall during a storm, millions do. As they build up and stick together, they accomplish a lot. Billions of them can become inches, maybe even feet tall and blanket miles upon miles. If I want to achieve success and change my life, I would need help from others eventually.

It is with honor that I am pleased to announce Kris and Joanne are officially part of team Val McCormick Photography. As I was that one snowflake ready to melt when I landed on that pavement, we are now a team. Together we are like a powerful storm that can shut down a city! We are Team Val McCormick Photography!

Watch the blog for a little more about Kris and Joanne. In the meantime check out the quick mini session in the snow!

See, there jumping for joy in the snow!
When we walked back to Kris' car he realized that his keys were missing out of his pocket. Yes and not one but two sets! We traced back our steps. I licked my index finger and held it up in the air and waited for the wind to tell me what direction to go. OK maybe that didn't happen but I did find the keys. Both sets. One set was a little buried. Maybe he stomped them into the ground. When editing the photos we nearly fell out of our chairs laughing. Check it out below.