Monday, December 14, 2009

CT Boudoir Photographer -Marathon Love Notes

I just wanted to take a few moments to thank my wonderful clients and team members for making the Sexy Holiday Marathon a success. There was so much beauty and positive energy in the air. Ivette Wellman did a PHENOMENAL job with airbrush/make-up and Lindsay Panettiere did a marvelous job with hair style.

I have received thank you notes that really moved me to tears. It is a great realization of what Val McCormick Photography/ Sexy, Classy, Romantic boudoir is. Empowering! I am SO excited for the next marathon just in time for Valentines Day on January 24th. Blog post from session will be posted after the holidays as well as information on how to sign up for the next session. In the meanwhile here is a peek at what Val McCormick Boudoir clients have to say. (Of course I will be editing out names)

I just wanted to take a moment in my lunch to say thank you so much for yesterday morning. After seeing the pics on your Mac afterwards, I am so proud of myself for going through with it, so excited to see my fiance's face when I show them to him, and so very very thankful to you for allowing me to do something so far out of my comfort zone in a pressure free environment.
You truly are an amazing woman - talented and endearing and truly wonderful. I can't wait for you to send me my 10 favorites so that in moments of weakness, I can look at them and know in my heart that I am a strong and beautiful woman. I look forward to working with you at the wedding and hopefully many times more in the future.
You're the best. ABSOLUTELY the best. :)

Holy Moly Val!
I cannot thank you enough for the photo shoot yesterday. I've never had my makeup professionally done or have loved my hair so much. And you captured me in ways that I am so grateful for. You truly have a gift that runs far beyond photography. You have just given me a huge piece of myself that I had lost through my failed marriage. My self esteem. Thank you. My boyfriend is gonna fall over when he sees these! Can't wait to see them with your magic. I can't stop looking at them!

Hi Val...
Thank you so much for taking the time today to make me feel comfortable and beautiful! I really do appreciate it... Thank you again for all of the amazing shots. You do great work, and really do make women feel EMPOWERED :) And your hair and makeup ladies were wonderful as well!!
I appreciate it.
Be well.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shannon & Tim - Wickham Park - CT WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER

Although the weather called for heavy rain and thunderstorms; Shannon was not going to let that stop her from enjoying the happiest day of her life. The day she and her forever would marry. Shannon and Tim tied the knot at Wickham Park and were so excited about how beautiful the gardens are there. I can see why. They have beautiful romantics to celebrate on of the most important days of their lives. Here are just a few highlights from their day. Be sure to catch the slideshow at the end of this post to get a of feel Shannon and Tim's wedding day!

Shannon's niece and flower girl looked so beautiful sitting on the bed I had to grab a shot well, uh-hem one of many ;-) The headboard looks like angel wings.
A special mother/daughter moment.
I couldn't keep my camera off of her adorable nephews and niece. I love how they were watching her getting ready. I grabbed this shot then quickly ran around the bed to get another view.

Shannon's final preparations. Her stunning make-up was by Ivette Wellman
Tim spies, with his little eye, his beautiful bride.

I brought off camera lighting since we were losing light fast. It worked out if I do say so myself ;-)

Thanks for having me Shannon and Tim. A super special thanks to Candace Jeffery for team shooting this with me. Enjoy their slideshow!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Amanda & Arman -Lyman Orchards - CT ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHER

Amanda and Arman are such an awesome couple! I love listening to Arman talk and hear the phrases he uses since he is from Scotland. They are full of personality and so inlove! I returned to Lyman Orchards yet again for another FANTABULOUS engagement session! I love the challenge of trying to make the same location look different; after all every relationship is unique and their images should be too. Be sure to check out how much fun Amanda and Arman had during their engagement session in the slideshow below.

I spotted some light peeking through the trees and had them move over to this location! So glad I did just check out the backlight!
WE LOVED this old gate! We had to work it into their session!
Working the corn maze! If you haven't been to Lyman Orchards check out their schedule and visit. You'll be glad you did!
Come On........Those apples in the backround and her red dress! AWESOME!
Yep, I was definitely doing the Val Happy Dance!

Still dancing!!!

Check out the many faces of Arman!
Can't wait for Saturday! Amanda and Arman are getting married!!! WoooHoooo! Don't forget to click on the play button below! Enjoy!


Still behind with blogging and trying to everyone's post up. Here is Mala and Will's Engagement Session we shot at Lyman Orchards. It was a beautiful day. I am totally loving the first set of shots. Check them out :-) Don't forget to check out their entire shoot in the slideshow below. Come back soon to see their beautiful wedding day.

Mala is a huge Twilight fan so we had to get a fitting ring shot.

See, beautiful day!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Jennifer & Alan- Married- Southbridge/West Brookfield, MA

Jennifer and Alan met while attending Art school. They are both teachers of one of my favorite subjects; ART! The day started off with Jennifer at the Vienna Restaurant & Historic Inn in Southbridge.  Such a beautiful place!  This place totally blew my mind!  Let's just say sensory overload!  We headed over to the church, had a beautiful Mass then went to the reception held at The Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield, MA.  Another amazing venue to throw me into sensory overload.  Enjoy the teasers and be sure to watch their slideshow by clicking the play button at the end of this post. :-)

Some details I grabbed while the girls were getting ready.

There is just something about this, I LOVE!!!

The Ceremony.
LOVE this too!

The weatherman forcasted thunderstorms! So glad he was SO WRONG!

Thanks for having me Jennifer and Alan and congratulations.  Thanks to Amanda for assisting me on this wedding.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kelley & Derrik - Engagement Session - Harkness Park

They have known each other since the 6th grade!  A graduation party of a mutual friend proved that everything happens for a reason!  Meet Kelley and Derrik.  
We had a great time hanging out at Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, CT.  Such a beautiful place.  Seriously I could shoot there all day long!  Check out some of my favorites of the day and don't forget to hit the play button and enjoy the slide show at the end of the post!

Just a side note: Who else thinks of the Cheers episode when Woody wrote that song for his love and played it on the piano when they hear the name Kelley?
Kelley,Kelley,Kelley,Kelley,Kelley,Kelley,Kelley! LOL.

I was going crazy with the gorgeous light! First a shot of Kelley.
Oh man, add Derrik to the mix and BAM!
Check out Kelley's cool ring....Check out that bug!

Details, details, details!
What a great way to end the session.  Derrik was so excited about the moon, I can see why.
Have you ever played those what is wrong with this picture game? Well....

Friday, September 25, 2009

Jason and Jennifer - Engagement Session - Lyman Orchard, CT

They had the same group of friends for years but in May 2008 that all changed.  Jennifer and Jason both attended a BBQ where they started to talk.  Eventually they began e-mailing each other, calling each other and dating.  The rest is history. 

Jennifer and Jason were so much fun to shoot at Lyman Orchards.   Since Jennifer is a huge fan of Sunflowers we started off there! 

(Side note: Doesn't beautiful Jennifer remind you of Alexis Bledel?) 

When we first walked in I almost immediately noticed this sunflower that resembled a heart.  I thought it was perfect for Jennifer's ring.  There were a gazillion bees buzzing around and I'm surprise I didn't pass out from the many times I panicked.  
Stunning, stunning, stunning!

I love shooting hands; they are so personal and really tell a story.

This random cat totally showed up during the shoot.  So what does Val do?  Go with it :-)
I had so much fun.  I am really looking forward to the wedding.  Be sure to check out the slide show where Jason shows his cool Frisbee Golf trick, lol.