Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beautiful Boys

So today I took one on one time with each of my boys. First, my one year old. Although I took many shots, I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the scrunched nose and Roley rolls. After putting him down for a nap I grabbed my two year old and took him outside. I got some really nice ones of him. I tried to get at least one shot with nice eye contact. I said to him, WOW, do see that bird in there? (pointing to the lens) Instead he excitedly pointed upward and yelled BIRDS!!! There were in fact birds flying right over us. At that point I said a little prayer since they were seagulls, Blah. Anyhow he eventually made eye contact. Now time to capture a few of my eight year old. We went onto the backyard deck were there was gorgeous setting sunlight. After all said and done, my two year old wasn't happen about coming back inside until he spotted Styrofoam bowls. All the expensive toys from the toy store and that's what entertains him?

Monday, April 28, 2008

New Lens + Hottie Hubbie = Model ;-)

I have been waiting for a new lens I ordered, impatiently. I heard the UPS truck pull up and honk the horn. I dashed down stairs forgetting that 1) I still had pj pants on 2) lacking some supportive gear (women if you catch my drift), 3) My two year old had pulled off my sock to compare toes, leaving me with only one sock on. Anyhow, I am sure he has seen crazier situations. I didn't even give the guy a chance to get to the door which I am sure he appreciated being that it was pouring rain out. Anywho I got my new lens. YIPPEEEEE!
After I tore open the box I tried out a test shot. My husband was relaxing watching television. I asked him to sit up so I could test out the lens.
1.............................2.........................and 3 (flash goes off)
What a beautiful shot!!!!!! I can't wait for a sunny day to test this baby outdoors :-)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Website :-)

It's official. My website is up! Yey. I have been working on it so it is still in the making. If you have any suggestions as I build it, critiques or comments please feel free to let me know :-)


Friday, April 18, 2008


Hello, I am Valeria McCormick, and I have a problem, I suffer POCD. Photography obsessive compulsive disorder, I have had this disorder as far back as my memory takes me, lol. Just Kidding. I really love photography and since I have started having children it has blossomed into an obsession. I find that every moment should be cherished. What better way to capture than with a "Mirror with a memory, the camera" Since I have been asked by so many if I do photographs other than my own children. I decided to go with it!!! I have never been more excited about anything else in my life! I am starting to invest in various lenses and equipment. I have also signed up for various workshops and seminars since everything I do now is self taught. I can really see a future in this for me. Yey me :-)

Monday, April 14, 2008

My First Post!

O.K. so I NEEDED to start a blog and here I am. I recently did a photo shoot of the most charming little lady , Chloe. This 3 year old was probably the smartest three year old I have ever met. (besides my own kids) LOL. I am just wrapping up on the editing. Here are some of my favorites :-)