Saturday, August 23, 2008

Taren & Brian

A couple of weeks ago I had another awesome opportunity to shoot a beautiful wedding with Justin and Mary Marantz. Taren was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! It was so sweet to witness the love that she and Brian share.

Taren's engagement ring was just beautiful.

Here's a closer look.

Isn't Taren just STUNNING!

I LOVE shoe shots!!!

Her dress was GORGEOUS!!!

The ring bearers were little hams! Justin, Mary and I got trigger happy whenever they were in our presence :-) Here the priest was pinning his boutonniere on. I love how calmly he watched.

See what I mean she is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Here she just stepped out of the Limo and was headed into the church when she turned and gave me a HUGE smile.

There were so many guest.

The colors Taren chose were so classy.

The flower arrangements and bouquets were out of this world. I love how Taren's bouquet looks with her gorgeous wedding gown in the background.

Hello, these ring bearers were SO ADORABLE; someone get these kids an agent :-)

I got all misty eyed too. Taren's father was reading a letter he wrote her during the toast.

Father and Bride dance.

Mother and Groom dance.

The reception was so fun with a great crowd! I loved these guys :-)

THANK YOU so much Taren and Brian for allowing me to join Justin and Mary on your special day! Congratulations!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sweet little R.J.

What is it about newborn babies that make them so irresistible? Tiny precious miracles brand new to what we call "life". Completely dependant on us to teach them what they need to know before creating their very own miracles one day. During these precious moments they are constantly learning, changing, growing. Although the day they start Kindergarten, play in their first soccer game, attend prom, graduate high school seems so far away; time will quickly dash by. We love to hold on to those precious moments when those moments become special memories. I am honored that Richard and Kristin invited me to their home to create these memories of their miracle; "Baby R.J."

R.J.'s room was so warm and inviting. There where hints of Sailboats and lighthouses through out. Here we borrowed a sailboat from a shelf to incorporate his room theme into his portrait.

I just love the rich creamy buttery look of this shot. Of course it would be nothing without Beautiful baby R.J. just look at his handsome face.

Well, if looks could kill I wouldn't blogging right now; but that doesn't change how handsome he is.

Sleeping babies are so angelic :-)

This one just melts my heart.

I love how personal hands and feet are in images. During our session we talked about their wedding day and portraits. I thought why not give them a ring shot with their new addition.

The heart warming love filled the entire room.

Amazing little hands next to his mommy and daddy's hands.

Sometimes beautiful furniture inspires me :-)
Thank you so much for having me. I really enjoyed capturing Sweet little R.J.


Monday, August 11, 2008


So this year for my birthday my husband had me get dolled up for a night on the town. Before we went out we snapped some photos. I call this "I DUNNO" because I really didn't know how to pose for him. I guess I should stick to being behind the camera :-)
In case your wondering I turned 29.......Again ;-)

I Shoot People in NYC!!!

Last Friday I ran and hopped onto the commuter train to NY. When I say I ran and hopped I mean it.  I  took the train into NY Grand Central Station and the subway to Madison Square Garden to attend the I Shoot People Tour Seminar put on by Sallee Photography out of Dallas, TX. I love learning new techniques and listening to ideas from other photographers. While I was there I was so happy to see my girl Tina Parsadanov and her husband made it out to the Seminar too. We shared a quick dinner break together before going back for some more brain candy. By the end of the night (or should I say, next morning) Claudia and I were exhausted but it was well worth the trip.

BTW, #31 of my 101 goals in 1001 days is to Shoot in NYC. I am not sure I am fully satisfied with checking off this goal but is fun to say I've done it :-)

Tina Parasadanov hamming up on our way to Dinner.

Superstar Claudia in this cool mirrored nook in a hallway of the Pennsylvania Hotel.

This was at the end of the night at Grand Central Station. It was so cool how I caught someone's flash in this shot.

Claudia shot this of me in another cool nook of another hallway. Security busted us after this shot because she was standing in the window sill to get it. Hey a good photographer does anything for the shot ;-)

I cropped in on this one. I just thought it was pretty cool. Claudia shot this when she told me to take the pony tail holder out of my hair.

Classic NYC shot ;-) I had to have something with the yellow cabs in the background.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Matt & Lauren

I had an awesome opportunity to photograph a wedding with the spunky and overly-talented duo, Justin and Mary Marantz of Justin Marantz Photography. Their clients Lauren & Matt tied the knot at St. Theresa's Church in Trumbull, CT followed by their reception held at Grassy Hill Country Club in Orange, CT. The day started out with fierce rumbling skies and heavy rain by the time the ceremony was over the skies had cleared and sun shined as much brightly as Lauren's wedding ring.

Cheery bridesmaid bouquets.
Lauren's wedding shoes. I couldn't decide which shot I liked better so I posted both to share :-)

St. Theresa's Parish

The bride arriving. I love the detail of the umbrellas in this shot :-)
Unity candle
"I Do" The look in her eyes says it all.
The bride and groom departing the parish.

There is just something about this moment, I love it.

The sister of the bride and their birthday boy father. She was explaining to him how to take a picture with their digital camera without getting a blurry shot.
This little girl was adorable.

I added a little texture to this shot.

I just love that shade of blue.
During this shot I could hear Carla TenEyck's voice in my head. She's an awesome inspiration/coach ;-)

I love this of the bridesmaids with the bride. Mary totally set this shot up :-)
This is my favorite shot of the day.
So Val has a thing for beautiful flowers ;-)

Their DJs' were awesome! The lighting was insane!
I shot this at 24mm, 1/60s, ISO at 3200, f-stop at 2.8.

I was having too much fun with my off camera lighting. Justin reminds me of the joker here, lol.
Thank you Justin and Mary! You guys are awesome! I am looking forward to shooting for you again this Saturday! It will be a blast. Can't rain on this parade (CL) ;-)!