Thursday, July 31, 2008

CT PUG Retreat, fun, fun, fun :-)

Well, as some of you may noticed (Dave & Kimi Baxter); I have been a bit behind with the posting. I have another post in the works hopefully I can get the other up by Sunday. I really apologize to those who have been waiting to see something different. I was lucky enough to spend Monday and Tuesday at a CT PUG retreat in the Berkshires hosted by Amanda of Orchard Cove Photography. It was such an awesome experience! I learned so much and finally met some of my photographer blog buddies. I hope to meet all you of blog friends one day. I took plenty of pictures while I was there. Here are just a few to share :-)

Miss Julia of Salty Grapes Photography; she is such a sweetheart :-) What a beautiful smile.

Joy Moody, who came all the way from Philly! Nice to see you again , girlfriend :-)

The talented Nikki Nicole, so fun to be around :-), Check out Amanda in the background. Can't wait to take part in an awesome project Nikki is coordinating. Stay tuned for that :-)

One of the many sweet couples I've come to know and love. Mary and Justin Marantz; How cute are they in the morning with coordinating pj's :-)

Justin coming in from kayaking around the Lake.

My girl Krystal, who I thought was coming in but went out for another round. You go girl!!! I've got some more great shots of Krystal and Paul of StudioFoto, stay tuned for that, too.

Mother nature in the lake house gardens.Let's take a closer look :-)

I'm not sure I have ever seen a butterfly's face.Butterfly's are a sign of new life :-)

A little Yoga to refresh.
Beautiful Mary.
Holy Moly, Mary has the Midas touch!
So I may have gotten carried away with the sun flares ;-) I hated to leave. I think I had a smile on my face the entire visit. So did Cooper Marantz, that little smiley doggy face is so doggone cute; no pun intended :-P

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Baby "G" a.k.a. Birthday Princess

Baby "G" celebrated her first birthday! So much excitement for this happy and cheerful baby girl. She was definitely a beautiful birthday princess. I will be putting together a thank you card to coordinate what I put together for her invites. Happy Birthday, may all your baby wishes come true :-)

Her mommy was helping Baby "G" make her first wish and blow out her first candle.

Got to apply sunblock before going outside. The bikini top is so adorable :-)

She LOVED the icing and cake! (In that order)

She wasn't too happy when her mommy decided she had enough.

Now I wasn't kidding when I said a.k.a. The Birthday Princess.

She wore her tiara to prove it ;-)

Thanks for having me Birthday Princess!

Be Remarkable

I recently visited Wayne Toshikazu's blog. If you have never visited it; you should. I loved his blog entry dated July 8th, 2008. With his permission I thought I should repost here to share with everyone because what he wrote is so inspirational. Wow, the very reason I am writing this blog now. I love what I do with a passion! Wayne; You, Mary and Little Jonas are remarkable!

Entry from Wayne's Blog:
That’s what I’m going to tell my son Jonas - incessantly, obsessively - from the day he’s born until the day I die. Because really, what else are we to do with our time here?
“In everything you do, be remarkable.”
Saturday morning I had a really nice chat with a bride-to-be and potential client. We talked about the usual stuff concerning her wedding, how she and her fiancé met and what sorts of expectations she had about her photography. Somewhere in the midst of all that though we also talked a lot about me.
People often ask how I got into photography and, especially because I’m in the nascent stages of my business, where I plan to go with it. I love these sorts of questions, especially when they come from a bride-to-be, because it gives me the chance to talk about one of the few things I’m truly passionate about in life. And when the listener is a potential client it’s important that I get a chance to show that side of myself, because when you put your hard earned money down you’re getting a packaged deal: not only do you get the pictures but you get me as well.
When I first made that decision to begin the chase of a lifetime, I did so because for me I saw a path to freedom. Freedom to do what I love, freedom to live a more joyful life, freedom to be a better person because I would be a happier person. Ultimately, I began the chase for freedom to be me - unadulterated, without all the fluff, just pure me. And the more true to myself I am, the better it is for my wife, the better it is for my soon-to-be child, and the better it is for my friends and family around me. Everyone wins, you see.
But today I just realized something else about why I’m doing this. I’m doing this to be remarkable - to create images and a client experience that, when all is said and done, are worth remarking about. I want to use my time and talents to be extraordinary - to do extraordinary things for extraordinary people.
A couple weeks ago in an exchange of emails my first client ever (I did an engagement session for her and her fiancĂ© in April) said something about my work and her experience with me that absolutely blew me away. It was really one of the nicest things I’d ever heard, so nice in fact that I’d be embarrassed to post it here because I really feel like those words far exceed my talent. But the feeling that you get knowing that you’ve made someone so happy just by doing something you love and would be doing anyway, that for at least that one person you’ve done something remarkable - incredible! Few feelings in the world can beat it. Thank you, Chelsee! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you said.
So there you have it. Here’s just one more reason to add to why it is I do what I do: It’s the freedom to be remarkable.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Duffy's fantabulous Patio!

Chris Walsh of Duffy's Tavern in West Haven invited me back to the pub this weekend to capture some shots while patron's enjoyed the new patio addition. He will be updating his website soon adding updated photos of all the wonderful addtions. It was such a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. Brightly colored upholstered wicker sofas as well as chairs, wicker furniture with wonderful glass topped bistro tables and coffee tables make for comfortable seating. Beautifully enclosed by brick and a gorgeous ornate wrought iron fencing that carry a celtic border across the top. Ambient glass candle holders in beautiful shades of orange and red and a see through fireplace gives such a beautiful atmosphere one would not want to leave. Make sure to visit them soon to meet the wonderful employees who will keep you wanting to return again and again. No matter how far you are it is definately worth the trip.


These votives compliment the patio so well and create such beautiful ambient light. Caught in the glass reflecting are Valerie and Bob who are enjoying themselves on comfortable patio seating.

A view from inside the ornate barroom area looking out onto the patio to the awesome lit two way fireplace.


A view from the sidewalk onto the Duffy's patio. A wonderful display of the ornate wrought iron fencing.


Beautiful Ashley enjoying her drink by the warm glow of the fire.


Another Duffy's patron enjoying a glass of wine.


Duffy's beautiful hostess, Andrea striking a pose against the new fence.


I really loved these glass tables. Maybe a little too much :-P


Another shot of Hostess Andrea. Not only is she beautiful on the outside but the inside as well.

Another view of Ashley. Thanks for your patience Ashley and allowing me to incorporate you into many of these photographs.

Another view of the patio fireplace during daylight.


If you don't have plans for dinner tonight it's worth the trip to Duffy's. Relax by the fire with a glass of wine and lit candles. Be sure and bring your camera, you will definately want to keep this an everlasting memory.